The First Husband By McGarvey Black


After the death of her dear Nannie-Mae. Trina takes the holiday of a lifetime with her best friend Jenn to India. They have a lovely time discovering the Indian Culture and places.

Along the way they meet many people including the lovely Sam. Who guides them to some of the amazing sites. And a spark brewing between Trina and Sam. Resulting in their marriage!

After a few weeks of wrestling with her conscious. Trina decides that Sam has married her for a Visa and not love. She cuts off all contact with him and never speaks to him again.

Full of revenge for the woman he loves and the man that stole his life. Sam vows to get out of India to find his wife.

Will Sam find Trina? And what would he do if he found her?

For me this book was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I went from loving Trina and Sam, to hating them, to loving them, to feeling sorry, sad and more.

I couldn’t believe that Trina would cut off Sam straightaway – surely she should give him an explanation. But then again perhaps she was worried about being played and Sam being the charmer he is. Could charm his way through anything.

However for every action, there is a reaction. And her actions determine her future.

For Sam I felt sorry for him at times. He was a lovely, fun, charming character to read about but I didn’t like what he became. I had hoped he would choose a different path.

I didn’t like the ending much. I felt it was a bit of a cop out and had hoped more from the character. I thought they were stronger than that.

The First Husband is described as a psychological thriller but I wouldn’t call it that. As it doesn’t have the twist and turns as expected in that genre. Therefore I would class it as a romance/crime type novel.

Nonetheless The First Husband is well written, with a need for wanting to read more. A brilliant read.

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