Thank You For The Memories by Ceceila Ahern

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Well, Ceceila Ahern, you have you done it again! You have made my cry (happy tears I promise)

The first book I ever read by Ceceila was PS I Love You and I could not finish it; not because it was bad or terrible but because it was so full of emotion, passion and connection with the characters that each page I turned flooded with tears.

However, this is not the book that I am reviewing today, the book I would like to talk to you about is ‘Thank you for the memories’

The blurb is what drew me to the book, along with a beautifully designed cover. Intrigued I picked It up and began to read it a day later.

Joyce an estate agent, remembers things that she shouldn’t. She is fluent in 3 different languages that she does not remember learning, as well as things like art and architecture.

After her accident Joyce’s friends and family were worried about her. Her marriage broke down and at 33 years old she had to move back in with her Dad.

Justin Hitchcock is a divorced man who is lonely, he moved from America to England to be closer with his daughter.

One day Justin and Joyce meet by chance and suddenly Joyce gets the feeling of Déjà vu.

What has happened to Joyce and will her path cross with Justin’s again?

If you think that this book is a typical romance, think again! There are many twists to keep you guessing and thinking come on!

I have to say that this is probably the best book that I have read this year. I have never laughed so much. The characters and the emotion surrounding them feel very real. Cecelia has a real way with word,

My favourite character must be Joyce’s Dad, Henry. He comes out with the funniest things. He lost his wife but was still close with his daughter Joyce whom he clearly loves. Despite his loss he is full of life and I just love his way with words.

Thank you for the Memories is a must on your reading list and 12 Books gives this novel, 12 out of 12!

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