Silver Spoons: One’s Journey Through Addiction by Sarah Dickinson

Categories : Romance

2 lovers, one addict. Will their love survive when their world is turned upside down?

She didn’t know that he was still an addict. He had told her that he is a recovering drug addict but soon it became evident that he wasn’t recovering.

By then she loved him and couldn’t abandon him.

With a turbulent relationship he eventually decided to go the whole hog in rehab.

The story begins as letters between him and her. How they are feeling and what they are up too.

At first it took me time to get into the book and I didn’t realise that the letters were a foundation of what was to come.

However once I read on, I was hooked. The story also alternates into past and present. Which gives you an idea of what their relationship was like before rehab.

For me this book was a whirlwind of emotions. Feeling angry, loved and I even cried. (Signs of a good author. )

I would highly recommend this book but just be aware it is about drug addiction, along with some intimate scenes.

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