Last Seen by Lucy Clarke

Categories : Mystery and Thrillers

‘I wish I’d taken a thousand photographs of Marley and then a thousand more.

I wish I’d recorded videos of him, so I could remember the exact way he ran and how his eyes had the tendency to flop in front of his eyes.’

Seven Years ago, two boys were swimming in the water, they got caught by the current and although people heard their cries for help, only one boy was rescued. Although no body was ever found, it was assumed Marley had drowned, his mother Isla could not understand – Marley was a strong swimmer, he would have got out of it, wouldn’t he? Seven years of theories and missing her son completely, Isla is convinced someone is not telling her the truth; she has been searching for answers getting nowhere until Jacob – the boy that survived goes missing on the day of Marley’s anniversary.

Isla and Sarah have been friends for years, they even got pregnant around the same time; their boys being born a few weeks within each other and their huts on the Sandbank right next door. It seemed that they were destined to be friends for life but their friendship steps up a level after Marley’s disappearance.

This book was emotional for me, as a mother myself I cannot imagine what Isla was going through and how life can be taken in a quick of a flash.

The author has been very clever with her writing, she gives us enough information to keep us hooked but is careful enough not to reveal too much; the end of a chapter has cliff hanger on it, which keeps us reading more and more.

I have to say that Last Seen is one of the best books that I have read this year. I read this book within 24 hours – yes, I was completely hooked. If this is not on your reading list, then I want to know why!

12 Books rate this book 12/12!

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