Holy Island (DCI Ryan Mysteries) by L.J.Ross

Categories : Crime , Mystery and Thrillers

Holy Island is the first book of the DCI Ryan series. If you haven’t read them, I recommend starting with this first one.

After a homicide detective case becomes a bit too personal. Dectective Chief Inspector Ryan heads off on a sabbatical to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

But a few days before Christmas. A local woman named Liz rushes up to Ryan’s house. She had stumbled across the body of a woman. Who was murdered on the beach. It looks like DCI Ryan’s holiday is over.

A historic civilian consultant arrives on the island to help Ryan with the investigation but he dismissed her quickly. Was he too quick to dismiss her? Will he need her help?

Holy Island is the first book of about 15 in the DCI Ryan series. I decided to read this book as it kept coming up when I was looking for something to read. As a lover of psychological thrillers this book was right up my street.

The characters are homely and realistic. I can feel the whole community spirit. Although at times I have not been to happy with Ryan. I have found him rude and arrogant at times but have warmed up to him during other times. He has the same goal as us – he wants to find the killer just as much as we do.

My favourite character is Anna, she feels lovely, down to earth and best of all knows how to keep Ryan in his place.

As a lover of psychological thrillers. I was bound to read this book sooner or later. It has so many twists and turns. That keep you guessing and wanting to read more. However there is one twist that was quite obvious but I still wanted to carry on reading.

Holy Island seems to be a bit like Marmite when it comes to other reviews. You either love it or hate it. Some people couldn’t get on with it but others like me loved it.

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