Friend Request by Laura Marshall

Categories : Mystery and Thrillers

‘Maria, there’s something I need to-‘ 

She cut me off as soon as I began to speak. 

‘Leave me alone,’ she said in a low cold voice without looking up from her bag. 

‘No, I know, but please-.’ 

‘I said, leave me alone.’ This time she did look at me, hardening her face, determined not to betray the slightest hint of emotion. 

 When Louise receives a friend request on Facebook from an old school friend Maria, she is taken aback, because quite frankly Maria has been dead for 25 years hasn’t she? 

Since her school days Louise has changed, she has her own life, husband, great job, friends and a son.  

Suddenly a friend request from Maria makes her jump out of her skin. No one truly knows what happened to Maria that night at school, except she had disappeared, no body indicated that she could be alive and kicking but why wait 25 years to get your revenge? 

A school reunion, the feeling of being followed and a few other factors leads Louise Williams to begin her own investigation and to find out if Maria is still alive. After all Louise is partly responsible for her disappearance. 

Friend Request is a psychological thriller. I don’t normally read this kind of genre, but this book kept being recommended and popping up.  

The book flicks from past to present during each chapter, so we see parts from Louise’s school days and parts from Louise’s current life. Eventually the whole story comes cleverly together. Friend Request is clear and concise, meaning that you do not get lost in the chapters and you can easily keep on track with the storyline. 

We get to see what Louise is like in her school days – which is not very nice as Louise wants to fit in and is encouraged to be horrible. As she grows up though she changes into a better person, who is full of remorse for what she did to Maria. 

We also see the return of some of the old school friends from Louise’s past, move into her future; some are not pleased to see her though. 

It is one of the best psychological thrillers that I have read, Friend Request is so thought out and planned thoroughly that when we find the truth about Maria and what Louise has done to Maria, we are well and truly shocked. 

Friend Request by Laura Marshall scores a 12 out of 12 for me, I found Friend Request a real page turner from start to finish.  So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy today. 

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