Wisdom by Jackie Rod

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After retiring from teachers. The world of words never left Jackie behind! This led her to on a journey to write fiction and she is now the proud author of several books.

When she is not writing, Jackie loves to host workshops or attend a writing conference. She is very passionate about writing.

Jackie also has 7 grandchildren and 3 children,

Here is her guest post on Wisdom – enjoy!


Confucius said, “He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.”

Everyone would wish to be wise—all knowing. Therefore, we are on a lifelong quest in search of wisdom.

The greatest wisdom is to understand oneself. We need to know ourselves before we can truly understand others. This is the route to good relationships.

One can have a treasure chest of knowledge and still not be wise. Knowledge can be communicated, but wisdom cannot. Knowledgeable people speak while wise folks listen, because curiosity and wonder are the roots of wisdom. It is wise for an educated mind to examine facts and thoughts before accepting them. When we think we are smart, we want to change the world. When we become wise, we know we must change the world.

Wisdom allows us to objectively confront reality and remove the blinders obstructing our own views. We must arrive at a path in life that gives us the ability to judge rightly. The attainment of wisdom gives us the prudence to know the best course of action—when to quit or to press on.

Hope is one of the greatest aspects of wisdom. Our hope for tomorrow is based on the goodness of our lives today. This goodness leads to actions instead of mere words. Preparing a meal for an elderly couple, watching small children giggle at play, strolling along the beach with a loved one, and watching the colorful sunset bring closure to another day–adds a touch of magic to each moment. Today well spent gives us hope for all the days to come.

Wisdom brings a whole way of life that integrates faith, family, friends, work, and social groups. Others give meaning to our lives. We are made whole when we love God, nature, and man. Let us strive to walk with a higher power, see the beauty of the earth, and honor our tribes.

We are all seekers of wisdom, and this gives our life purpose.

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