5 Reason to Change Your Lifestyle

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Sarah Dickinson is the author of the brilliant book Silver Spoons: One’s Journey Through Addiction. She lives in upstate New York with her 2 amazing children and 3 rescue dogs.

Apart from writing Sarah is under going a big career change and studying. Thank you for the guest post Sarah!

And here is Sarah’s guest post: 5 Reasons To Change Your Lifestyle:

 When science and technology evolve and grow what do you get? Among many things you get both the knowledge and the means to live a long, healthy life. Advances have led us to not only living longer but living better. Unfortunately, when we hear “lifestyle changes” most of us imagine a rigid new routine that not only beats us down but leaves us feeling worse about ourselves than when we started. The truth is lifestyle changes are not a new regime of insane diets, grueling workouts or hours reading self-help books. 

  Life-style changes mean taking an honest look at the choices you are making and making some minor tweaks if you will. It can be as simple as adding a morning or afternoon walk and eating lunch outside on a beautiful day. It means giving yourself a two-drink minimum or reading/writing an hour before bed and every now and then on a Friday night staying on your couch with your favorite movies and enjoying takeout. Whether its diet and exercise, healthy choices for you or your environment, or self-care for your mental or emotional balance it’s about making the small changes for your body, mind and soul without apology. Here are 5 reasons to consider a change to your lifestyle. 

  1. YOU CAN LIVE LONGER.  Doctors of all fields will tell you that lifestyle choices will help extend your life expectancy. Quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol, implementing a healthy diet and regular exercise are all changes you can make for your body to help it maintain its health and performance. But did you know things like finding a hobby, journaling, or maintaining satisfying personal relationships can help as well? Nourishing a support system, as well as finding healthy outlets for your stress can help ensure you live a long life. 
  1. YOU WILL BE HAPPIER. While it’s true that implementing changes to your routine isn’t the easiest task, you will get to the point where these new choices become as routine as brushing your teeth. However, once you start odds are you will find yourself in a snowball effect as the good feelings will leave you wanting more. What’s even better is that no matter what changes you decide to make, or how you make them you will be left with a sense of power. Realizing the power, you have over your life and your journey will bring you a happiness that cannot be measured. 
  1. YOU WILL BECOME MORE CONFIDENT. Adding healthy choices to your lifestyle feel good. You experience the empowerment of gaining a little control over your journey. Your self-worth improves simply because you are prioritizing yourself and your own well-being. Your self-esteem rises because every day you are taking steps to become the best version of you. This leaves you feeling your best about your biggest commodity- you. As a result, this means putting your best foot forward becomes second nature 
  1. YOU WILL BECOME A ROLE-MODEL.  Are you leading by example? You can do so with your spouse, your children, your parents, your extended family and friends.  The reason is that it’s important to show everyone near and dear to you that being healthy is not just a priority, but essential to your overall health. It’s also easier than most people imagine.  
  1. YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. When you feed your body what it needs, it works at peak capacity. This also includes your brain, which houses your limbic system, the center for our mood-active structures. The amygdala is active during stress, anxiety and depression. I can’t stress enough that self-care and lifestyle changes are not about fitting into a dress, learning the latest makeup trends, or trying to fix what someone else criticized. It’s about making the changes you need, to live the best life you can. It’s about making yourself a priority, and not being afraid to listen to what works best for you. Listening to yourself is the highest level of self-love that will bring you both balance and contentment. No matter what changes it is you decide to make. 

In our day to day world of adulting, with mundane tasks and rigorous responsibilities it becomes easier and easier to put ourselves and our health last. It wasn’t until my oldest started high school that I realized my family was living their best lives while I myself was a wreck. After that it was easy for me to take that clichéd cold, hard look at myself and evaluate what changes I needed to make. Balanced, family dinners where we sat at the table was high up there. However, so were other things like a monthly coffee & manicures with my best friend and journaling. At this point in my life I had made it quite the norm to take on the problems of those closest to me. This included someone battling an addiction, and journaling became an outlet to not only get that stress out but prioritize the role I was playing. That journaling turned into my first novel, which in the end became a cathartic life changing experience.

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